Yara Zokaie - HD49 - Advocates for Families & the Working Class

Yara Zokaie - HD49 - Advocates for Families & the Working Class

Key State Policies for Northern Colorado Communities

COVID-19 Relief
The pandemic has brought the greatest economic collapse since the Great Depression. As the representative for House District 49, I must be laser-focused on these problems in rebuilding our economy and social vitality.

Paid Family Leave
Family leave for the first 12 weeks postpartum are crucial for the baby and bonding for the new family. It is time for Colorado to support new moms and growing families.

Universal Pre-K
Preschool is immensely important in child development and all 4-year-olds should have that benefit, which also helps parents maintain their work career.

Mental Health Services
Suicide is the leading cause of death for Coloradans age 10-24. Colorado needs more mental health service and substance use treatment capacity, and I will fight for adequate funding.

Elimination of Cash Bail
A cash bail system biases the criminal justice process against those with limited financial resources.

Support Workers Rights
I am a champion for the working class, including the right to unionize and banning arbitration provisions in employment contracts.

Support Farmers
The number of Northern Colorado farms has dwindled in the last decade due to land use and other pressures. I will fight to preserve agricultural business through land use earmarking, support for farmer coops, and protection from industrial pollution and development.

Tax Breaks for the Middle Class
Colorado's middle class pays a larger percentage of their income in taxes than high-income taxpayers. I support repealing TABOR in order to cut taxes for the middle class and tax the wealthy at their fair share. I also advocate a renters' tax credit.

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