Ballot Issues Overview in 2020

Ballot Issues Overview in 2020

Propositions and Amendments on the Ballot for Estes Valley Voters

The Colorado Democratic Party and hundreds of other organizations in Colorado have adopted the following positions on these eight statewide ballot issues:

  • SUPPORT Amendment B--REPEAL Gallagher
  • SUPPORT Proposition EE--Cigarette, Tobacco and Nicotine Products Tax
  • SUPPORT Proposition 113--National Popular Vote
  • SUPPORT Proposition 118 (Initiative #283)--Paid Family Leave
  • OPPOSE Amendment 76 (Initiative #76)--Citizenship Qualification of Electors
  • OPPOSE Proposition 115--Initiative #120--Prohibition on Late-Term Abortions
  • OPPOSE Proposition 116 (Initiative #306)--Income Tax Reduction
  • OPPOSE Proposition 117 (Initiative #295)--Voter Approval Requirement for Creation of Certain Fee-Based Enterprises

Other statewide ballot measures, where no position taken by Colorado Democratic Party:

  • Amendment C--Regarding gaming activities by charitable organizations
  • Amendment 77--Allowing voters in three Colorado towns to expand gaming and bet limits
  • Proposition 114--Concerning reintroduction of gray wolves on public lands

For more details about ballot measures, see our Fact Sheets and special "ballots issue" of our Win2020 News.

The 2020 State Ballot Information Booklet--the "Blue Book" produced by the Colorado Legislative Council, can be downloaded as a pdf file at:

The text of statewide ballot measures and other background information also can be found at:


Estes Valley voters this year have a choice on retention for each of eleven judges:

  • Colorado Supreme Court (Honorable Melissa Hart; Honorable Carlos A. Samour, Jr.)
  • State Court of Appeals (Honorable Ted C. Tow III; Honorable Craig R. Welling)
  • Larimer County--Eighth Judicial District (District Judges: Honorable Susan Blanco; Honorable Julie Kunce Field; Stephen John Jouard; Honorable Juan G. VillaseƱor.
    County Judges: Honorable Mary Joan Berenato; Honorable Kraig Ecton; Honorable Joshua B. Lehman)

The Colorado Commission on Judicial Performance evaluates the performance of each judge and publishes a detail explanation. This year the commission has affirmed that each of the eleven judges on our ballot meets performance standards.

See the detailed explanations for these ratings on the commission's web page for Larimer County.  (Note: the Colorado Democratic Party does not take a position on retention of state and local judges.)