Prop. 113 - National Popular Vote: Colorado Voices

Prop. 113 - National Popular Vote: Colorado Voices

The National Popular Vote state compact would guarantee the Presidency to the candidate who receives the most popular votes across all 50 states and the District of Columbia. It was passed in 2019 by the Colorado state legislature, and signed into law by Governor Polis, and is now on the 2020 ballot for Colorado voters to approve.

See our National Popular Vote factsheet for details about provisions of the NPV compact and reasons it is being adopted to make every voter's ballot count equally.  

Below are representative voices from the diverse coalition of Colorado supporters of Proposition 113 in favor of the National Popular Vote compact.  Prop 113 is endorsed by the Colorado Democratic Party.

Denver Post Editorial Board Endorsement

"There is a push — a big push — to have state legislatures across our land rethink the way electoral votes are cast, and we see the wisdom of collectively moving our presidential election to one determined by the national popular vote.

"It is a monumental decision to change your mind about a political or social issue. Especially one you’ve defended repeatedly, but we can no longer defend an electoral college system in the name of giving Colorado, and a handful of other swing states, an outsized voice in the presidential election. Every American deserves to cast a vote that is worth exactly one vote, no more, no less.

"The movement is called the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact. Colorado Democrats are on the verge of joining that compact and adding our state to a growing list of places that have said, definitively, it’s time for the electoral college system to change."  Read entire editorial.

Colorado Common Cause - Giving Every Voter an Equal Voice

Endorsements from Across Colorado