Respected Leaders

for Our Community, Our Nation, and Our Future

As a nation we now confront challenges of unprecedented scope and urgency.

The abuses and incompetent actions of Donald Trump and his Republican enablers at all levels of government have caused or worsened our most serious crises.

A new slate of leaders must be elected to reverse the damage to our communities and to our democratic institutions.

We must elect proven leaders who build teams, seek out experts and community stakeholders, are grounded by facts and science, and who welcome the insights and critiques of America's world-class journalists.

Our candidates are the leaders to replace the divisive, destructive agenda of Donald Trump with innovative programs having the scope, resources, and incisiveness to surmount the challenges we face.

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, 2020 election

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris


President and Vice President

Fighting for the Soul of America

John Hickenlooper for U.S. Senator from Colorado

Gov. John Hickenlooper 
for U.S. Senate

A small-business owner with an outstanding record of  public service, bringing people together on big issues like health care, gun violence and climate change, dedicated now to making Washington work for all Coloradans.

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Joe Neguse -- re-elect to U.S. House

Re-Elect Rep. Joe Neguse,
Colorado's 2nd Congressional District

Pushing back against the Trump Administration, honored by his peers as a leader, fighting for real change in Washington, and restoring America's promise of opportunity.

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Kristin Stephens for Larimer County Commissioner

Mayor Pro Tem Kristin Stephens
for Larimer County Commissioner

A proven leader, promoting accessibility, inclusion and equity in regional approaches to child care, affordable housing, climate action, and resiliency.

Jody Shadduck-McNally for Larimer County Commissioner

Jody Shadduck McNally
for Larimer County Commissioner

A service-oriented leader with a strong track record, fighting for our environment and quality of life, the health of families and seniors, and the quality of public education.

Yara Zokaie for Colorado House District 49

Yara Zokaie
for Colorado House District 49

An attorney, first-generation Iranian-American, and mother with young children, her priorities include small business revitalization and programs to help struggling families, such as paid maternity leave and universal pre-K.

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Gordon McLaughlin for District Attorney

Gordon McLaughlin 
for District Attorney (CO 8th Judicial District)

A skilled trial attorney and career prosecutor, committed to community safety and providing leadership for a vigorous criminal justice system that also upholds social justice.

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Callie Rennisonn for C.U. Regent

Callie Rennison 
for C.U. Regent

From first-generation college graduate to tenured professor, running now for C.U. Regent to ensure college education is accessible and affordable in a safe, diverse, and equitable learning environment. 

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